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  1. Lost in the Blues
  2. Cut You Loose
  3. Boogie Woogie Baby
  4. Bull Calf Blues
  5. Rocking the Blues Away
  6. Little Girl
  7. I'm Going Fishing
  8. You Don't Love Me
  9. Love Changin Blues
  10. The Blues Walk In
  11. Like the Girl I Had Before
  12. Jitterbug Swing
  13. Trick of Treat
  14. Rosie
A U D I O . F U L L . S O N G S
OTHER MP3'S from Paul James Band...

Crazy Little Kitten For Christmas

It's Halloween 
* Words and Music by Paul James Vigna ,Mar Sol Music

Trick or Treat
* Words and Music by Paul James Vigna ,Mar Sol Music

Red Hot Mama 
Smoke A Joint Out Back 

Lazy Crazy Blues - VIDEO
*Recorded in the 1970's * Fun, little weird video


A U D I O . C L I P S (.mp3)
1. Lazy Crazy Blues 35sec

2. Mary Ann 1min 41sec

3. Good Old Rock & Roll 2min 6sec

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