"He's a heavy dude! A great musician and he's gonna make it. He's a great tribute to Rock 'n Roll"

- Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley and Paul James first performed together at the legendary El Macambo club in Toronto back in 1974. Since then, this duo have played many other dates in Canada. Paul James backed Bo Diddley on the soundtrack to the movie "Diary Of A Sinner." Also, the two collaborated on the song 'Ugliest Girl in Town', of which Bo Diddley made a special guest appearance.

On a variety of club dates, Bob Dylan ventured out to see Paul James perform. Dylan was inspired to ask the Toronto-based guitar player to a jam. James admitted to the folk music legend that he new many of Dylan's tunes, but to Paul James' surprise, Dylan wanted to play some of his songs. They became good friends and Bob Dylan invited Paul to play with him at Kingswood Music Theatre - Wonderland Park - Toronto. Canada.

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February 23, 1999 -Buffalo, New York - Marine Midland Arena
"Paul James has been a friend of my for over ten years. He is fantastic."

- John Hammond

John Hammond is known throughout the world as a man with an ear for the blues. When in Canada, Hammond asked Paul to back him up on lead guitar for a number of engagements which included Toronto, London, Ottawa & Edmonton. Hammond asked Paul James to play guitar on his album - Nobody But You - which sold globally. Then Hammond reciprocated by playing harmonica on Paul's albums - Acoustic Blues & Rockin' The Blues.

Paul James with Edgar Winter

Paul with John Lee Hooker

Paul with Leon Russell

Brian Kipping, Adrian Vecchiola, Ronnie Hawkins, Paul, and Gary Gray

Paul with Bo Diddley
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Paul with Jeff Healey

Paul & Dylan 2008
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